Our Policies

Checking tenants history

When we receive an enquiry, we establish what people need in a property. Then an inspection of the property is organised. No keys are ever given out. This is a very dangerous practice and may result in your insurance being voided. An application form is then filled out by the tenant/s and all references and names on the application will be confirmed. A credit check will be done with TICA to ensure there are no other problems we have not been told about, relative to other tenancies. When all is clear we will then call you to confirm the details and ask for your approval of the tenants. The most suitable tenant for your property will be chosen, not necessarily the first one. Due to the rigorous checking program, some people will just not qualify and others may not be willing to give us all the information we ask and so will drop out.

Whilst we must be very careful not to discriminate in any way, ‘ if we feel unsure of them in any way we will tell you’ – it’s better to keep them out if we have any doubt. It could save you future worries.

Rent Arrears control

Whilst we do everything to keep your rent payments up to date, there may be times when your tenant is in arrears. We will do everything we can to get them back on track quickly but we recommend if you have a mortgage on the property that you keep a float in your mortgage account for unexpected times.

Tenant Insurance

Owning an investment property can bring you a great financial rewards, however, Property Managers cannot always foresee what tenants will do if their circumstances change. We will always do everything we can to prevent things from occurring but there may be instances where it is beyond our control.

PDR Property Management encourages our clients to take out Landlord Insurance to ensure their assets are well protected. You will find a brochure on our website. If you already have an insurance company you deal with, it is best to review the fine print so you are aware of what exactly you are covered for and what excess you have. Not all companies have the same coverage and when it comes to making a claim, some banks can make this a difficult process where others make it a lot easier to deal with. We are available to assist this process.

Public Liability & Household Insurance

It is our policy to make sure that every property we manage carries public liability insurance of at least $10,000,000. Most policies now have $20,000,000. We recommend you insure the building and your contents (usually taken as a landlords extension policy) which covers your fittings such as carpets, curtains, light fittings, air conditioners & dishwashers etc. Remember if the house is on acreage or you have air-conditioners or fridges, that you also need to have fusion cover for water pumps, sullage pumps and the like.

Our Office

Welcome to PDR Property Management.

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Gold Coast Head Office: 7 Cloyne Road, Southport Qld 415 / Toowoomba Head Office: 200 Hume Street, Toowoomba QLD 4350 - (Appointments Only)

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